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Top 5 Best Tips to Attract Advertisers To Your Blog

Top 5 Best Tips to Attract Advertisers To Your Blog
If you have spent precious moments designing your blog and making it as perfect and desirable as possible, there are two primary goals you are probably planning to achieve. First is to ensure that there is enough blog traffic and second, is to attract advertisers to your blog and websites who wish to showcase their products and services through your platform.

Considering that advertisers would have a plenty of choices with respect to platforms for advertising on, you would need to put your best foot forward for attracting them.
How to Attract Advertisers to your Blog?

If you want to pursue a career as a professional blogger, you will quickly find out that your best bet for making money is renting out advertising space on your blog. But generally speaking, if you are going to make money from your blog, you need some advertising and the following top 5 tips can help you sell direct ads to advertisers thus cutting the middle man’s commission.
  1. Place a ‘Advertise With Us’ Banner: The first thing to do is to place a banner for advertisers inviting them to advertise with you. When advertisers click on the banner they should be able to access all relevant information that can influence their decision making process. For instance, you must include your Page Rankings, Alexa Rankings etc, the rate you would be charging for the advertisement space, the mode of payment you would prefer and complete contact information specifically for advertisers. If advertisers need to go hunting for all this information, they would most likely switch the blog.

  2. Emphasize that you are Niche Specific: Advertisers would always prefer blog platforms that cater to a niche market segment. In order to emphasize your niche specificity you need to update your blog on a regular basis and furnish articles that are niche-related and information rich. General content would hardly work here. These measures would ensure higher search engine ranks and the probability of advertisers finding you would also be easier.

  3. Make Use of your Banner Space: In case you do not have any paid advertisements to put up at the moment, you can still use your banner space quite intelligently to attract probable advertisers. Use this space to put up ads of in-house or partner products. You can also include free advertisements of products or services, without using the URL. This would encourage competitors in the same segment to approach your blog for paid advertisements. In addition, you must also put forth a request for full campaign performance disclosure. This will tell you about the number of clicks that took place, the percentage conversion and so on.

  4. Provide Information on User Demographic: Since the primary aim of placing advertisements on blogs would be to enhance exposure among the target segment, providing relevant information on your user base would probably help them decide in your favor. So, you need to provide information on the gender bifurcation, age groups, marital status etc of your users. You can conduct site surveys and polls for the same.

  5. Provide Detailed Information on Your Identity: Ideally, you must have a “about us” page which provides every relevant detail about your blog. Keep it short and professional, without omitting any relevant information. Advertisers might wish to know more about your blog before they can consider advertising on it.
Attracting advertisers on your blog is an art you need to perfect over time. You could also resort some expert tips from blog management professionals, for sure shot success. Also, make sure you check these top 5 tips on How to Sell Direct Ads on Your Blog.

Guest Author: Sofia Williams writes for Toyota Place. She likes to contribute to the online sphere by blogging on a vast variety of topics.

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