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Instagram 3.0 Update Adds Photo Maps Feature To iOS And Android Apps

Instagram 3.0 Update Adds Photo Maps Feature To iOS And Android Apps
Popular photo-sharing app Instagram, which lets you add fun effects to your snaps and share them with friends, will now let them know where the pictures were taken as well. With the new 3.0 update for Android and iOS, users can now geo-tag snaps with their Foursquare check-ins using the Photo Maps feature.

What exactly is a Photo Map, you ask? Instagram explains, "With an Instagram Photo Map you can showcase where you’ve taken your photos, or explore where others have taken photos on a map. Maps take you beyond recently posted photos and let you rediscover previously Instagrammed memories".

Once updated to version 3.0, you will notice the Photo Map tab on your Profile page. You can select photos that have been previously tagged via Foursquare. After that, you can enable or disable this feature as and when you add more pictures, through the Add to your Photo Map option. As described before, you can also add existing pictures to your map using the Edit button.

Other changes in the software include bug fixes and "infinite scrolling", which replaces the Load More button used to view images. Also, pictures are now placed in a grid layout that includes a larger text box for adding captions. View the video below to see how the new feature works. Do you welcome this new addition to Instagram, or do you think it's just another step that intrudes into your privacy? Let us know in the comments.

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