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Google: India ranks no 2 in search queries for education

Google: India ranks no 2 in search queries for education
India ranked second in the number ofeducation queries on Google, the search engine major said today.

India was ranked 8th in 2008, and is now behind only to the US, reveals a study titled 'Students on the web' compiled by Google India.

The study was compiled by combining Google search query patterns and an offline research conducted by TNS Australia on behalf of Google India.

Over 60 percent Indian students, who have access to Internet, use it as their first source to research for information related to educational courses and institutes, the study reveals.

"With over 60 million Internet user population in India being in age group of 18-35, educational related search queries are exploding on Google. Our core objective behind compiling this study was to understand the impact Internet is having on this young population with regard to education related decision making by the students,"Google India Vice President and Managing Director Rajan Anandan said.

Education related queries on Google in India are growing at over 46 percent year on year, that highlights strong demand for information on institutes and courses that are available in the country.

Out of all education related search queries on Google, over 40 percent of queries were for higher educationcourses and institutes.

Search queries from mobile phones have considerably grown showing a growth of over 135 percent and amounting to over 22 percent of all education related search queries.

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