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Google creates Official Android blog

Google creates Official Android blog
Do you insist on keeping yourself updated at every piece of official news surrounding Android platform? If your answer is yes, then we have some good news for you.
Since the beginning, Android was a blogless mobile operating system, and Google used to publish their news or several updates with the help of Google Mobile Blog, but no more! Today, Google officially launched their official blog for Android mobile operating system.

"A few months ago, we asked what content you wanted to see more of on the Google Mobile Blog, and the answer was quite clear: more Android! We launched +Android on Google+ and now we’ve launched the Official Android Blog, a new place for you to find all the latest news from the Android team. Going forward, the new Android Blog will be a must-read for anyone interested in the latest news like today’s Google Wallet announcement. Thanks for being such a great audience over the years," - Google Mobile Blog Team said in their blogpost.

To keep yourself updated about the latest Android news around the globe, you can also subscribe to its RSSfeed which allows you to get all those updates right in your inbox. Android also owns its own Google Plus (+Android) page and Twitter profile (@Android), from where you can enjoy live news

There is of course, one more avenue to get the lasest about the world of Android, whether official or unofficial –, which aims to deliver the best of the web and personal technology to your display. So, stay tuned!


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