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Average internet speed grows 16% in India

Average internet speed grows 16% in India
The average internet connection speed in India was 1Mbps in the Jan-March quarter, a growth of 16% quarter-over-quarter. Though the country has registered an increase in average speed, it still ranks 112th globally, says a report by Akamai.

India's year-over-year growth in average internet speed grew more than 20%, but lagged far behind other Asia Pacific countries like South Korea (15.7Mbps) and Japan (10.9). The peak internet speed in the country stood at 6.9Mbps, far behind global leader Hong Kong's 49.3Mbps. Only 1.2% of connections in India have a speed of over 4Mbps, the new standard for broadband. This, however, represents an 85% increase in adoption rate in broadband speed.

The global average internet speed has increase 14% over the previous quarter and 25% over the same period last year. Average global internet connection speed in the Jan-March quarter of 2012 stood at 2.6Mbps, the report released by Akamai says.

It also states that the average peak internet connection speed in Q1 2012 was 13.5Mbps. Asian countries led the growth charts in internet speeds, with Hong Kong recording a speed of 49.3Mbps for a standard downlink.

The primary factor in the growth of internet speed, according to Akamai, is the spurt in number of 'high broadband' connections in countries where 10Mbps speed is the minimum. Nations that have registered around twofold growth in the adoption rate for extra-fast internet access over the past year include Denmark, Finland, South Korea, Switzerland and the US.

However, mobile internet is still lagging in terms of speed, even though HSPA+ and LTEnetworks have expanded. A German that was not named in the Akamai report delivered the maximum speed for mobile internet - 6Mbps. On the other hand, the highest mobile internet connection in the US recorded speed of 2.5Mbps, thus pointing towards the scope of growth in the mobile internet infrastructure even in developed nations.

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