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Apple sold 15 times more phones than Samsung in US

Apple sold 15 times more phones than Samsung in US
South Korean mobile makerSamsung sold just 1.4 million units of Galaxy tablets while Apple sold 34 million iPads, documents filed in the bitter court battle between the two technology giants have revealed.

The latest evidence to be released in the San Jose trial between Apple and Samsung also showed that Samsung sold 4.1 million Galaxy S II phones, out of a total of 21 million sold to US mobile phone carriers since April 2010.

The new revelations could be embarrassing for Samsung, which has repeatedly declined to put figures on its shipments or sales of smartphones or tablets since early 2011, preferring instead only to give revenue figures.

The documents showed that, for the comparative period with Samsung's, Apple shipped a total of 34 million iPads, 62.8 million iPhones and 25.3 million iPod Touches, The Telegraph reports.
Overall, it shipped a total of 85.9 million iPhones, 46.5 million iPod Touches and 34 million iPadssince 2007 in the US.

According to the paper, comparing Samsung's 21 million smartphones shipped to Apple's 62.8 million is difficult because Samsung sells other phones that are not alleged to infringe Apple designs, while Apple sells only the iPhone.

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