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Water is a Very Powerful Natural Medicine

Water is a Very Powerful Natural Medicine
A person can fall ill in the absence of medicine, but what if a person has nectar at home and wanders in search of medicine. Today we are seeing a similar scene, it can be changed if we wish to. Yes! We have nectar at home but why are we attracted towards the toxic tinned drinks?

We consider water to be a mere waste item, but it is nectar in the true sense. We are still not aware of the unlimited significance of water. Very few people know that water is not just plain water; it has the power of dissolving poison and also evacuates it from the body. No treatment can be successful without it.

Water in the Form of Medicine
Take around 50 to 100 ml of boiled water. Let it cool for some time. Drink it like tea but in drops so that you do not feel it going inside. Spend at least five minutes to finish one cup of water. Drink one cup of hot water every day in the morning on an empty stomach, after every meal and in between two meals, at least five to ten times daily. This will cause excess urination but in case you have to wake up in the midnight then restrict sweets, tea and liquid diet and take light meals in the night.

How Water Functions as a Medicine
This hot water takes in energy and saliva in the stomach. It is helpful in evacuating toxic substances from the body in the morning. Drinking hot water after meals helps in proper digestion of the food and, in between two meals, digests the remaining food particles in the stomach. It cleans the stomach and prepares it for the next meal. In this way the stomach is cleansed everyday and remains healthy and clean for proper functioning. One of water's functions is curing the intestines of problems, which cures constipation. It makes the body energetic and improves the blood circulation. This is good for the maintenance of the body organs and makes them energetic.

Results of Drinking Water as Medicine
Proper digestion increases the supply of nutrition to the body and provides extra energy. The person feels energetic and active. This extra strength increases the bodily strength and activeness and improves the concentration on work. It improves the digestive system, and increases the digestive fire and strength. The resistance power and life energy in the body also improve.

Activity helps in burning down the unwanted fat from the body, which contracts the stomach. The increased belly after pregnancy will also comes back to original shape within two months. This treatment is very effective for the proper functioning of the nervous system, which helps provide good sleep. Also the person will not feel sleepy during the day time. This method is useful in curing all the diseases including high fever, sun stroke, etc. Common cold, headache, nausea, painful menses, mild fever or high blood pressure, cancer, etc. can be cured with this remedy. It is most effective in case of severe headache, toothache, normal pain in any part of the body, asthma, cold, loss of appetite, gastric trouble, etc.

Chronic ailments like headache, high blood pressure, vata, stones, obesity, backache, diabetes, arthritis, spondylitis, etc. have shown positive results with this remedy. It is also helpful in getting rid of alcoholism and tension.

It is cent percent safe but it is necessary to follow the principles strictly for getting the health benefits. Avoid cold drinks (carbonated soft drinks) and drink liquids very slowly. Also chew your food properly before swallowing it.

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