Jul 5, 2012

Photo Editing Apps for the your Mobile

Instagram: This software has about 15 different filters that give beautiful effects make pictures look more vibrant and attractive; it gives you the option to share photos on its own photo-sharing website, or upload them to your Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr accounts. This app is available for Android Phones and iPhones. Blackberry also has similar app called Instaphoto

Picsay: PicSay allows you to make basic enhancements to your photos such as cropping, adding brightness and contrast, while giving you the chance to liven them up by adding on things such as stickers and speech balloons. Unfortunately this app is available only for Android Phones.

Adobe Photoshop Express: You can crop, rotate, and flip photos, manipulate colors or add 8 different effects. Once you are done, you can save your pictures on your phone or on a Photoshop com account. It is available for Android Phones and iPhones

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