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Huawei launches plug-and-link datacard HiLink in India

Huawei has announced the launch of world's first plug and link data card, HiLink E303Cs in India. HiLink E303Cs automatically connects users to the internet in less than 15 seconds after the datacard is inserted into the USB port, without any driver installation or manual configuration.

Huawei HiLink E303Cs is the first EDGE/GPRS/GSM-compatible product in the HiLink series that supports HSPA+network with 7.2 Mbps Downlink. The device is available in the market at a price of Rs 2,199.

"Leveraging revolutionary 4th generation datacard technology, the HiLink series is poised to change the datacard industry landscape and it will not only enhance consumers' user experience but it will also enable operators to reduce backend development and maintenance costs and speed up UI customization, enhancing the competitiveness of their products," said Victor Shanxin, President, Huawei Device India.

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