Jul 28, 2012

Download: PDF Combine (Windows)

PDF (Portable Document Format) is a popular file type because it is cross-platform, has a fixed format, and can be viewed in almost any device. Moreover, since PDF files cannot be edited unless the creator explicitly allows it, they are best suited for e-books and important documents.

In cases where you need to combine many PDFs into a single file, such as when scanning multiple single-page documents, you can use applications such as PDF Combine. This free software enables you to merge PDF files and change the sequence in which they will appear in the final output. I tried combining 20 files using the application, and it seems to work quite well. Moreover, there is no limit specified to the number of files you can add. Note that you cannot add any non-PDF files to this list — this tool doesn’t convert other file formats to PDF. If you are wary of having more entries added to your system registry by the executable setup file, a portable version as a ZIP file is also available.

Cilck Here to Download

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