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Best online advertising networks in India

Advertising network is a company which connects companies in websites which want advertisements. Advertising networks provide a way for media buyers to coordinate ad campaigns across dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of sites in an efficient manner. The ad network is a booming market with the top companies earning in millions. In India this online advertising is over powering the traditional media advertisement as more and more number of people are switching to internet. The 38.5 million Indian Internet users, according to an IAMAI study, have become the prime target for numerous advertisers clouding the web.

Here is a list of the best online advertising networks in India:

  1. Google Ad sense - Although not Indian; it is the biggest and most powerful ad network in the world with more than 75% of the market share, it is the mother of all self serve ad networks. Google Adsense runs CPC (Cost Per Click), CPM (Cost Per Metric), and Google Affiliate Program networks. Getting acceptance or approval from Google Adsense is very tough. It looks the domain age, content type, and so many things to provide adsence account.
  2. Komli – Komli is Asia pacific’s leading digital media network. They offer different options such as CPM and performance based CPC and CPA marketing. It also helps publisher select what network to run on which ad slot. Komli last year got $7 million funding from 3 VCs namely Nexus India Capital along with Draper Fisher Jurvetson and Helion Ventures. Headquartered in Mumbai, Komli Media also has offices in London, Melbourne, New Delhi, New York, Palo Alto, Singapore, Sydney and Toronto.
  3. Infolinks – Infolinks is a contextual ads network (in-line text ads) which appears between the text or content of the website. It is the best online ad network for contextual ads. Since Infolinks introduced “Related Tag ads”, the revenue is also increased for Infolinks publishers.
  4. Kontera – Kontera is the competitor for Infolinks but does not beet out Infolinks.
  5. Pub Matic - Though it is branded separately it is a product of Komli. Pubmatic is an ad network aggregator that helps publisher to maximize the revenue that you can earn from your web site, and it reduces the complexity of managing multiple ad network relationships. Pubmatic optimizes the Ads for publishers by offering the ad real estate to the network that maximizes your earning opportunities. PubMatic has seven offices around the world in the US, Europe, and Asia. PubMatic is venture backed by Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Nexus Venture Partners, and Helion Ventures.
  6. Tyroo - It’s the largest Advertising Network which supports more than just display formats like Banner, Rich Media but offers innovative formats like E-Tickets and EDM’s (emailers) for advertisers. It is funded by Yahoo. Yahoo picked up at least 35% stake in Tyroo for an undisclosed amount in July 2007. Tyroo was voted as one of the 10 most interesting startups by Business daily Mint, a part of the HT Media group. According to Tyroo, its 2500 strong publisher network includes Perfspot, Facebook,, SantaBanta, Smashits, Yatra, and OneIndia. The company counts Microsoft, General Motors, Pepsi, ICICI and Yahoo amongst its advertisers.
  7. Ozone Media – Headquartered out of Bangalore, it has been using accipter for serving with major strength in News Channel Inventory. They have CPC (Cost Per Click) and Cost Per Action (CPA) ads. But the payment time is 90 days which is so longer than other effective ad networks.
  8. PayPod - is an online ad network specifically tailored to help advertising agencies take advantage of the digital medium. Targeted at the advertising and publishing industry in India, PayPod’s Digital Advertising Network solution helps deliver ads on the Internet based on geography, context, content, gender and age group relevant to specific requirement and target audience. Along with online Internet advertising, PayPod has also launched mobile advertising solutions for publishers in India.
  9. IndiAds - IndiAds is the leading Internet advertising network for the Indian and South Asian online community. They claim to deliver 800 million ads per month to Indians and South-Asians living in North America, Europe and Asia. It offers ad serving services for websites with traffic over 20,000,000 page views per month. With ability to precisely target ads to any geographic location, with greater flexibility in campaign settings, publishers are able to acquire new advertisers and provide better results for their existing clients.
  10. Sulekha Ad Network - Sulekha is another major ad network which claims to India’s leading online advertising solutions through a network of 600+ websites serving Indians and NRIs. It also claims to have 2 million Indian users, 1.2 million NRI audiences and nearly 10% global Indian online audience.
  11. AdsforIndians - Established in 2004 it claims to have thousands of good quality Indian websites as our online ad publishers. They have their corporate office in Las Vegas. It also claims to be the only Indian ad network, which has the advanced technology to syndicate the text ads with pictures as well as banner ads. Ads placed on AdsforIndians are published on all their participating partner sites worldwide. Ads can be geo-targeted to specific countries and ad channels to reach the targeted visitors relevant to your Advertisement.
  12. Bidvertiser – Bidvertiser is another comfortable ad network which will pay you faster as you earn 10 USD. It pays you either through Check or Paypal.

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