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Uttar Pradesh Best Engineering Colleges 2012

College NameLocationStateNational
Motilal Nehru National Institute of TechnologyAllahabadAAA+AA
Indian Institute of Information TechnologyAllahabadAAAAAA
Indian Institute of Information TechnologyAmethiAA+AA
Other Deemed Universities/Central Universities
SRM Institute of Management and Technology, SRM UniversityModiNagarA+N.R.
Shobhit UniversityMeerutA+N.R.
State Universities/Affiliated Colleges
Harcourt Butler Technological InstituteKanpurAAA+N.R.
Ajay Kumar Garg Engineering CollegeGhaziabadAAAN.R.
Institute of Engineering Technology, LucknowLucknowAAAN.R.
JSS Academy of Technical EducationNoidaAAAN.R.
Kamla Nehru Institute of Technology, SultanpurSultanpurAAAN.R.
Krishna Institute of Engineering and TechnologyGhaziabadAAAN.R.
Madan Mohan Malviya Engineering CollegeGorakhpurAAAN.R.
ABES Engineering College, GhaziabadGhaziabadAA+N.R.
Amity School of Engineering, Amity UniversityNoidaAA+AA
Bundelkhand Institute of Engineering & TechnologyJhansiAA+N.R.
Indian Institute of Carpet TechnologyBhadohiAA+AAA
JK Institute of Applied Physics & TechnologyAllahabadAA+A+
Firoz Gandhi Institute of EngineeringRae BareileyAA+N.R.
GLA Institute of Technology & ManagementMathuraAA+N.R.
Galgotias College of Engineering and TechnologyGreater NoidaAA+N.R.
Jaypee Institute of Information TechnologyNoidaAA+N.R.
IMS Engineering CollegeGhaziabadAA+N.R.
Indraprastha Engineering CollegeGhaziabadAA+N.R.
Institute of Engineering and Rural TechnologyAllahabadAA+N.R.
Meerut Institute of Engineering & TechnologyMeerutAA+N.R.
Raj Kumar Goel Institute of TechnologyGhaziabadAA+N.R.
Seth Sriniwas Agarwal Institute of Engineering and TechnologyKanpurAA+N.R.
Sharda UniversityGreater NoidaAA+N.R.
Shri Ram Swaroop Memorial College of Engineering & ManagementLucknowAA+N.R.
Shri Rammurti Smarak College of Engineering & TechnologyBareillyAA+N.R.
UIET, Chhatrapati Sahuji Maharaj UniversityKanpurAA+N.R.
Uttar Pradesh Textile Technology Institute KanpurAA+N.R.
(Formerly Govt. Central Textile Institute)
Babu Banarasi Das Northern India Institute of TechnologyLucknowAAN.R.
Bundelkhand UniversityJhansiAAN.R.
Central Institute of Plastic Engineering TechnologyLucknowAAN.R.
Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Technology for HandicappedKanpurAAN.R.
Dr. KN Modi Institute of Engineering & TechnologyModinagarAAN.R.
Ganeshi Lal Bajaj Institute of Tech. & ManagementGreater NoidaAAN.R.
Greater Noida Institute of TechnologyGreater NoidaAAN.R.
Hindustan College of Science & TechnologyMathuraAAN.R.
IIMT Engineering CollegeMeerutAAN.R.
ITS Engineering CollegeGreater NoidaAAN.R.
Ideal Institute of TechnologyGhaziabadAAN.R.
IEC College of Engineering and TechnologyGreater NoidaAAN.R.
Indraprastha Engineering CollegeGhaziabadAAN.R.
Krishna Engineering CollegeGhaziabadAAN.R.
Maharana Pratap Engineering CollegeKanpurAAN.R.
MJP Rohilkhand UniversityBareillyAAN.R.
Noida Institute of Engineering & TechnologyGreater NoidaAAN.R.
Pranveer Singh Institute of TechnologyKanpurAAN.R.
Shivdan Singh Institute of Technology ManagementAligarhAAN.R.
United College of Engineering & ResearchAllahabadAAN.R.
ABES Institute of TechnologyGhaziabadA+N.R.
Accurate Institute of Management TechnologyGreater NoidaA+N.R.
ACME College of EngineeringMuradnagarA+N.R.
Aligarh College of Engineering & TechnologyAligarhA+N.R.
Allen House Institute of TechnologyKanpurA+N.R.
Anand Engineering CollegeAgraA+N.R.
BBS College of Engineering and TechnologyAllahabadA+N.R.
BSA College of Engineering TechnologyMathuraA+N.R.
Babu Banarsi Das Inst. of Engg. Technology Research CentreBulandshaharA+N.R.
Babu Banarsi Das Institute of TechnologyGhaziabadA+N.R.
Bhagwant Institute of TechnologyMuzzaffarnagarA+N.R.
Bharat Institute of TechnologyMeerutA+N.R.
College of Engg. & Technology, IILM Academy for Higher LearningGreater NoidaA+N.R.
Dr. BR Ambedkar UniversityAgraA+N.R.
Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia Avadh UniversityFaizabadA+N.R.
Faculty of Engineering & Technology, Agra CollegeAgraA+N.R.
GNIT Girls Institute of TechnologyGreater NoidaA+N.R.
Hindustan Institute of Tech. & Management (Formerly BMASEC)AgraA+N.R.
HR Institute of TechnologyGhaziabadA+N.R.
IAMR College of EngineeringMeerutA+N.R.
Ideal institute of Management & TechnologyGhaziabadA+N.R.
IIMT College of EngineeringGreater NoidaA+N.R.
IIMT Engineering CollegeMeerutA+N.R.
Institute of Engineering and Technology ResoraSitapurA+N.R.
Institute of Technology ManagementGorakhpurA+N.R.
Invertis Institute of Engineering & ManagementBareillyA+N.R.
Invertis Institute of Engg. & TechnologyBareillyA+N.R.
Kalicharan Nigam Institute of TechnologyBandaA+N.R.
Kalka Engineering CollegeMeerutA+N.R.
Kanpur Institute of TechnologyKanpurA+N.R.
Mahatma Gandhi Mission College of Engg. & TechnologyNoidaA+N.R.
Meerut Institute of TechnologyMeerutA+N.R.
Moradabad Institute of TechnologyMoradabadA+N.R.
Priyadarshani College of Computer SciencesGreater NoidaA+N.R.
RBS College, Faculty of Engg & TechnologyAgraA+N.R.
Raj Kumar Goel Engineering CollegeGhaziabadA+N.R.
Sagar Institute of Technology & ManagementBarabankiA+N.R.
Sanjay Institute of Engineering & ManagementMathuraA+N.R.
Shambhunath Institute of Engg. & TechnologyAllahabadA+N.R.
Sir Chhotu Ram Inst. of Engg. & Tech (Ch. Charan Singh University)MeerutA+N.R.
Skyline Institute of Engineering & TechnologyGreater NoidaA+N.R.
Sri Ram Murti Smarak Women College of Engineering & TechnologyBareillyA+N.R.
Sunderdeep Engineering CollegeGhaziabadA+N.R.
United College of Engineering & ResearchGreater NoidaA+N.R.
VBS Purvanchal UniversityJaunpurA+N.R.
Vidya College of EngineeringMeerutA+N.R.
Allahabad Institute of Engineering & TechnologyAllahabadAN.R.
Anupama College of EngineeringAgraAN.R.
Azad Institute of Engineering and TechnologyLucknowAN.R.
Baba Kadhera Singh College of Engineering and TechnologyMathuraAN.R.
Babu Banarasi Das National Institute of Tech. & MgmtLucknowAN.R.
Buddha Institute of Technology, GorakhpurGorakhpurAN.R.
College of Engineering & Rural TechnologyMeerutAN.R.
College of Engineering Science & TechnologyLucknowAN.R.
College of Engineering & TechnologyMoradabadAN.R.
College of Science & Engineering (SR Group of Institutions)JhansiAN.R.
Dayanand Dinanath Institute of TechnologyUnnaoAN.R.
Dewan VS Institute of Engineering & TechnologyMeerutAN.R.
DJ College of Engineering & TechnologyModinagarAN.R.
Dr. MC Saxena College of Engg. & TechnologyLucknowAN.R.
Dr. MC Saxena Institute of Engineering & ManagementLucknowAN.R.
Dronacharya College of EngineeringGreater NoidaAN.R.
Eshan College of EngineeringMathuraAN.R.
FIT Engineering CollegeMeerutAN.R.
Future Institute of Engineering and TechnologyBareillyAN.R.
Goel Institute of Technology & ManagementLucknowAN.R.
HI-Tech Institute of Engineering & TechnologyGhaziabadAN.R.
IIMT Institute of Engineering & TechnologyMeerutAN.R.
Institute of Technology & Management LucknowLucknowAN.R.
Institute of Technology & Management MeerutMeerutAN.R.
Institute of Technology LucknowLucknowAN.R.
Ishwar Chand Vidya Sagar Institute of TechnologyMathuraAN.R.
JP Institute of Engineering & TechnologyMeerutAN.R.
KS Jain Institute of Engineering & TechnologyModinagarAN.R.
Kothiwal Institute of Technology & Professional StudiesMoradabadAN.R.
Lord Krishna Group of InstitutionsGhaziabadAN.R.
Prasad Institute of TechnologyJaunpurAN.R.
RD Engineering CollegeGhaziabadAN.R.
Radha Govind Engineering CollegeMeerutAN.R.
Rama Institute of TechnologyKanpurAN.R.
Ram-Eesh Institute of Engineering & Technology for WomenGreater NoidaAN.R.
Rameshwaram Institute of Technology & ManagementLucknowAN.R.
SD College of Engineering & TechnologyMuzzaffarnagarAN.R.
Sachdeva Institute of TechnologyMathuraAN.R.
Saroj Institute of Technology & ManagementLucknowAN.R.
Shobhit Institute of Engg. & TechnologySaharanpurAN.R.
Shree Ganpati Institute of TechnologyGhaziabadAN.R.
Sunder Deep Girls Engineering CollegeGhaziabadAN.R.
Surya School Planning & Engineering ManagementLucknowAN.R.
Translam Institute of Technology & ManagementMeerutAN.R.
Venkateshwara Institute of TechnologyMeerutAN.R.
Vishveshwarya Institute of TechnologyDadriAN.R.
Vivekanand Institute of Technology and ScienceGhaziabadAN.R.

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