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Tips for a Cross-Browser Compatible Web Site

  • Use the normal standards of web design like XHTML and CSS code.

  • Use Document Object Model (DOM)-standard Java scripting

  • Use lesser amount of plug-in related content and make sure to test the browser for flash and other multimedia plug-in.

  • Test for compatibility with at least the five main browsers (Internet Explorer 6/7, Firefox, Opera, and Safari), including the old IE releases like IE 6

  • Do not use Microsoft Publisher to write the web content and tags; it will only work with Internet Explorer. Use professional tools available.

  • Use progressive enhancement methodologies and graded browser support. These are modern web development methods to deal with and provide applicable support for the increasing number of browsers. The plan is not to exclude a segment of internet users, because of browser incompatibility.

  • Find ways to make the site compatible with the old browser releases, especially if there is significant probability that the web site’s target visitors are still using those old browsers.

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