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Online blogging again regaining momentum

Blogging, the practice of maintaining anonline diary, which seems to have petered away with the emergence of social media giants like Facebookand Twitter who offered more applications and enhanced interactivity, is once again regaining momentum, say experts.

As Facebook and Twitter continue to attract net savvy generation, people who really have a passion for writing and expressing their ideas are shifting back toblogging and its spring time again in "Blogosphere", according to those who blog for a living.

"The horizon of blogging world has widened. These days bloggers are writing books, research papers, tutorials and much more. Its worth acknowledging that the shift back to blogging from Facebook and Twitter has resulted into filtered generation of people who really have a passion for it," says Gaurav Mishra, who commands a sizable following for his blog that is related to economics.

Its interesting to notice how bloggers connect with those with similar interests.

"Every blogger has one strong thread that bonds them together, a thread and bond of passion and therefore they all belong to the same community, 'The Blogosphere'", says Karan Bhujbal, an avid tech blogger who along with blogging enthusiasts Akshita Jain and Ankur Baraj started Blogathon India an endeavour to connect bloggers from different spheres together.

It works towards getting all bloggers under one platform and also to provide them full support and facilitate them in living their passion for blogging.

Marketing experts also believe that blogging has more potential than any other social medium when it comes to building brand-consumer relationships.

"With the speed the younger demographic is going online to consume content, critical blogging plays a very important role in building over all social media strategy and consumer outreach programme," says Mohit Anand, Managing director, Belkin India.

Shanatnu Srivastava, an avid blogger says, "Those who have a passion for creative writing cannot satisfy their quench by uploading status messages on Facebook or by tweeting. Here blogging takes over which gives you the thrill of being a journalist, an author and much more at the same time."

Around 15 years ago blogging was a concept unheard of and before that the only way to interact with the world and get your views across was through writing a book. Still back in time, you had had to travel across cities or even countries at times to meet up with those who shared your hobbies.

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