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Download Torrents Directly To Your Dropbox Account Via Boxopus

Most of us are aware of cloud storage services such as Dropbox, SkyDrive, iCloud, and Google Drive. Microsoft's SkyDrive offers extra storage for Windows Phone users, while iCloud and Google Drive offer 5 GB of free storage for users, which is more than Dropbox's initial 2 GB limit. Despite this limitation, the latter is by far the most popular of the lot.

Now, users have one more reason to pick Dropbox over its rivals, due to the introduction of a third-party service called Boxopus. It basically connects with your Dropbox account, letting you download torrent files directly without the help of a BitTorrent client.

The service is currently available in beta and is being offered for free, so all you need is sufficient storage in your Dropbox and an account with Boxopus. Users can add torrents from their computer and wait for the files to appear in Dropbox automatically once the download finishes. All torrent downloads are synched within a separate folder in your account. This will come as good news to all pirates, especially after the ban on torrent sites was lifted by the Indian government.

Since it uses Dropbox's API, no other files in your account can be accessed. As mentions in its post, download speeds might not be as fast as you're accustomed to, since Dropbox takes time to perform the synch. Another catch is that as days progress, free users could face certain limitations, especially when a premium version of the service is launched.

The free offering seems to have caught on quickly, as certain torrent sites have even added an easy Boxopus one-click download option on their sites — with more sites believed to follow suit.

As of now, Dropbox has been silent about this new unofficial extension. However, rumour has it that Boxopus may be taken down by Dropbox so as to not offend the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America), which has been pretty tough on P2P file-sharing sites.

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