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Android Update to Arrive in Samsung Galaxy S2 on March 15

The division of the Android platform and the time it takes to release new software to hardware are its greatest criticisms. As proof of this, there are only a few handsets that are having the Android Gingerbread yet another Android version, the Jelly Bean, is already being talked about. However, there may be good news for Samsung Galaxy S2 owners as there are reports saying that an update to the latest mobile operating system of Google, the Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich, may become available on the 15th of March.

Previous rumors points to March 1 as the date that the update may come. However, the time has already passed yet none of that occurred. Yet, it seems that March will truly be the month when the update will happen as it has been reported that Samsung has made an announcement in its Israel's Facebook page that it will provide the update of the newest Android operating system to its users.

The company made a statement on the social networking site that it will launch the Android Ice Cream Sandwich on March 15. Moreover, it stated that the OS will be included in several units that were bought from Samsung direct and from Israel's cell phone companies. In addition, Samsung also said that its users have been patiently anticipating for the arrival of the new software.

Clearly, there are no details regarding an update to other regions but there are talks that Europe may also obtain the update at about the same period. However, it is different in the United States because there are already several versions of the Samsung Galaxy S2 on different carriers.

Unofficial sources have recently provided several versions of Android 4.0 OS versions. Because of this, users who are not very confident in installing the software in that manner are still hoping for the release and availability of the official version.

At present, many are anticipating that news will eventually come out regarding the OS update for other regions all over the globe.

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