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Freephoo - Free mobile calling app freephoo launched in India

Make free calls with your Android phone

With freephoo you can make free calls to all freephoo users and very cheap calls to others. It takes less than a minute to get started and the only thing you need is a WiFi or 3G connection and you are ready to go!

Unlike other similar services we don’t limit you to calls within the same community only. If you buy freephoo Premium, you can reach your friends by calling them on their mobile and fixed numbers in all the supported countries and this to a low price. And you can choose to call with your regular carrier. It’s all in our app – You decide, it’s your call!

With freephoo you can see when your contacts become freephoo users. Your contacts that use freephoo will appear with the freephoo icon next to them so that you know that you can call them for free.

Freephoo is designed to combine traditional telephony and the latest technology of mobile Internet telephony (VoIP).

Premium is a In-App product that enables you to call a predefined number of minutes to a fixed price. This means that you make calls for the same rate regardless if you call domestic or international. The price and minutes varies and are therefore clearly stated with the In-App Billing flow when you buy premium. When you download the application you will receive 5 free minutes so that you can call users that are not yet on freephoo in the supported countries listed in the application in the purchase premium flow.

With freephoo you don’t need to use a new number to benefit the exciting world of Internet telephony. Just register with your mobile number and the same will appear on your friends display so the know that it’s you who is calling.

So, why get freephoo?
1. It's very easy to get started.
2. You can call any freephoo user for free.
3. You can also make international calls really cheap. Your mobile number will be shown on the receiving display.
4. It's a true hybrid, you decide how much new or old technology you want to use.

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