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Aakash tablet on rent in college libraries

Government is planning to place Aakash tablets in school/college libraries, so that students can get them issued like normal books and then return after using, as per reports.

The world’s cheapest tablet Aakash available on rent in college libraries will have subject-wise video lectures in fields such as engineering, science and humanities pre-loaded on the low-cost tablet.

The government is already providing the Aakash tablet at a subsidised price of Rs. 1,730. After offering the low-cost tablet to state governments at half the price, the government wants Aakash to reach all 220 million school and college students.

The government aims at encouraging the states to distribute Aakash free to college libraries, which can then give them out on rent to desiring students. Hence this step of renting the tab will in a way help government to reach its target. The duration of rental will be decided by respective colleges.

The government has already distributed about 10,000 units of Aakash since its launch in 2010. The government has now set its sights on Aakash 2, the upgraded version of the Aakash tablet.

Version 2 of the Aakash tablet will have a capacitive touchscreen, such as the one in Apple’s iPad. A prototype of Aakash 2.0 has already been designed. A tender inviting tablet vendors for the next version is likely to be floated soon.

Students had complained of difficulties in running heavy applications on Aakash, which has a 366 MHz processor. This upgraded version 2 will come with 3200 mAh battery instead of 2100 mAh, better firmware and a 700 MHz Cortex A8 processor instead of the 366 MHz ARM 11 processor initially supplied. These supplies for the upgraded Aakash are yet to be received.

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