Dec 27, 2011

Twitter integration complete on Windows Phone Mango

The successful Twitter integration with the Windows Phone 7 follows the integration of LinkinedIn and Facebook with the OS. With these integrations at least, Microsoft has shown up its competitors like Apple and Android.

For Mango users who love to tweet, Microsoft couldn’t have made it easier. All users have to do is follow a simple step by step set up and authorization process and they can tweet, view notifications and alerts via the people hub on their phones without a second thought.

With the Twitter integration extra memory on smartphones doesn’t get used up when users keep their favourite applications running in the background. This is because applications like Twitter don’t run as separate programmes anymore. They run as a part of the system processes integral to the phone. Since additional overheads on the OS are deleted, the load on the system resources reduces tremendously.

The integration of social networks with the Windows Phone Mango has upped the ease and speed with which users can access social networks on their smartphones too.

With the elimination of separate apps for each network comes the elimination of periodic updates of those apps. Plus, users can now find all their networks together in one place and don’t have to access each one separately, saving time and energy!

As a result of the latest integration, the notifications section in the ‘me’ tile will show up alerts like mentions in tweets or replies to tweets. Twitter feeds and replies are also visible right from the people hub. What’s more, it is possible to sync one’s phone and Twitter contacts. A filter in the people hub can filter out feeds as well.

It looks like Microsoft is on it’s way to giving some tough competition to Android and Apple with innovations like the Twitter integration. We can’t wait to see what other surprises it has in store for the smartphone market!

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