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Get the most from your mobile cam

Most smartphones today have a camera capable of taking good quality images. ET suggests some free and paid apps that let you do much more with it.

The early cameraphones were bulky, expensive and worst of all, took photographs that were nowhere as good as those taken by even the most ordinary digital camera. This changed with the arrival of phones that sported very good cameras, such as Sony's Cyber-shot series.

Today, the camera is very much an integral part of a smartphone and many consider it to be a handy digital camera replacement simply because it is convenient to use and saves one from the need of carrying an additional gizmo. Of course, as ever, there are applications out there that let you do as much and sometimes much more - often without paying a penny for them.

INSTAGRAM: For many iPhone users, the world of photo apps seems to begin and end with Instagram. The reason for its success it is sheer simplicity. At the end of the day, it does just two things - lets you add effects to photographs and share them over social networks. But it does those two darned well - there are stacks of effects (called Filters) here that can make your image look either like a click from the past or something utterly futuristic - if you get confused by the names, just try them out and you would understand how each one works.
What's more, unlike many other apps where you can add effects after taking a picture, here you can actually choose the filter you like while you are snapping the picture, so you actually know what you are getting. You can even blur part of the picture while keeping the rest of it in focus to give it that professional touch.

AVAILABLE AT: iTunes App Store

LITTLE PHOTO: There may be no official Instagram application for Android, but there are many candidates out there that offer similar options. Among the best of them is Little Photo which like Instagram lets you add several effects to your pictures.

You can even stack up effects on each other to mix and match and see which combination works best. The interface is not as silkysmooth and intuitive as on the iPhone but once you get to grips with it, you will find you can do just as much on it. We would recommend using it on higher end devices, as it does tend to stutter a bit in terms of speed on lower-end ones.

WORKS WITH: Android Devices
AVAILABLE AT: Android Market

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