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iPhone & iPad Apps for September 2011

OfficeDrop (Free: iPhone & iPad 2): OfficeDrop has just been optimized for the iPad 2. It allows users to scan, search and organize paper documents, PDFs and other documents and make them available through the cloud. It is a digital file system similar to Dropbox.

Dolphin Browser HD (Free: iPad): The popular third-party browser has finally made its way to iOS with Dolphin Browser HD for the iPad. We reviewed it here. It is a tabbed, social browsing experience that is one of the only (and one of the best) options if you are trying to get the cord from iOS Safari. Apple has been reluctant to let third-party browsers in the App Store and as such several prominent browser makers do not even bother. Dolphin did not shy away and created a very Chrome-like browser for the iPad.

NBC (Free: iPad): I cannot watch full episodes of Chuck on my TV with my Roku, but I can now watch them on my iPad. NBC follows in the footsteps of ABC by unleashing a free app that can allow users to watch episodes, clips and behind the scenes geeky goodness of their favorite shows. With NBC and ABC and company releasing apps that basically mimic the functionality of Hulu Plus, it is a wonder that Hulu has a future among the networks looking to sell it.

Quora (Free: iPhone): The social question and answer site finally has a mobile presence. It is pretty basic in terms of the functionality that Quora offers but it may be the key to bringing the Quora community back to the forefront of the tech scene after it made a nosedive in mind share following its massive hype at the beginning of 2011. Tell us, does Quora still excite you?

Flight Card (iPhone: $4.99): Flight Card is a flight tracking app for the iPhone that lets you track flights by route, flight number, gate, departure times and more. Anyone who travels a lot is always checking to make sure that their flight is on time so as to make sure that you spend as little time in the airport as possible. Flight Card bypasses the airlines native apps (which are never really all that helpful) and brings the information to your iPhone in a simple, native package.

Filmic Pro (iPhone: $2.99): Filmic Pro was technically released on Aug. 31 but that is close enough to September that we will include it here since it did not make our August Apps of the Month. Filmic Pro is one of the most powerful video camera and editing tools that can be found on a smartphone. The feature list is impressive, with variable frame rates, framing guides, three different resolutions, import videos and more. If you are serious about shooting video with your iPhone, seriously consider Filmic Pro.

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