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10 Tricks for YouTube Publishers/Uploaders

YouTube has become one of the most effective website that many publishers, webmasters and authors use to get more traffic to their blog or website. Thousands of online marketing professionals use YouTube as one of the main method to market their business. It hooks visitor’s attention far more quickly than text or images. However, more than 48 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube per minute. So, how can you make your video more visible and viral?

Below are some of basic optimization steps to get more traffic and more views from YouTube:
  1. Choose a catchy title – Add rich Meta title, description and keywords related to your video. Do not use random one because it will affect your video views, which is crawled by the search engines. Try to pick the keywords that will bring more traffic and leads to your website. And make sure you must include the keywords in title and description.

  2. Write articles about your video – Create a brief blog post on the same topic as your video that links to your article. Make sure that you are optimizing YouTube SEO.

  3. Use customized thumbnails – Create a good thumbnail that catches eyes. As you all know more than 50% of views come from related videos.

  4. Encourage comments on your video – Allow visitors to comment on your video. Because the more you can work on other social activities, the more exposure you will get. If you create more buzz, users may come to your page to see what has commented.

  5. Use hyperlink in the video description box – Links starting with “www.“ will not be considered as hyperlinks. So make sure to include “http:// “ in the description box. This is important if you want to drive more traffic to your website.

  6. Use annotations – It is a great way to point your visitors to watch out your other videos. At the end of every YouTube video, create a text effect (call to action) like “click here for more videos” or “subscribe to my videos”. It redirects your users to another video of yours instead of leaving it.

  7. Keep your videos short – If your videos are short then people will love to share them. If it is too long then it may become boring. Remove unnecessary parts by cutting either by Windows Movie Maker or built in YouTube tool.

  8. Link with social networking sites – let the world know about your video. You should embed your video into social media sites like twitter, reddit and facebook.

  9. Initially make your video as private, allow it to process, do all the customization and then make your video as public once it is completed. No one likes incomplete work.

  10. Describe your video in details. But don’t make it as spammy.
We hope that the above steps will help you to create effective videos based on the keywords and get you more visitors on YouTube.

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