Aug 17, 2011

Mozilla launches Firefox 6

Another release of the most popular browser in the world, Mozilla Firefox, got launched yesterday. If you are an avid Firefox fan, then I am sure the news must have already popped up on your Firefox browser. For the rest, you can download the brand new Firefox 6 from Mozilla's website.

The biggest piece of new feature is that the address bar now highlights the domain of the website you are currently browsing. The site identity blocker has also received a minor facelift to make it sleeker than before. There are also a few behind the scenes improvements such as support for WebSockets, improved Scratchpad, a new Web Developer menu item, an improved Web Console, and reduced browser startup time when using Panaroma.

Mozilla Firefox seems to be following Google Chrome's footsteps when it comes to version numbers. The Firefox browser had been updated thrice in the last 5 months. Definitely, there have a been a few improvements since the last 3 releases, but they haven't really been enough to warrant a completely new series of version number. While most of them have been bug fixes, Firefox disappoints when it comes to delivering new features.

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