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Most followed on Twitter

Here's a list of the most followed people on Twitter.
  1. US President Barack Obama leads the bunch with 9,557,347 followers. (The data is taken from Twitter Counter. All photos courtesy of AP Images).
  2. Singer Katy Perry makes her way to the second slot with 8,980,599 followers.
  3. Pop star Britney Spears is third on the list with 8,876,956 followers
  4. Socialite Kim Kardashian is not far behind with 8,827,701 followers.
  5. Latin sensation Shakira has a whopping 7,494,827 followers too.
  6. Singer Taylor Swift has her own following, beating the one-time beau John Mayer in the most followed list. She has 7,394,996 followers.
  7. The dashing Ashton Kutcher has followers by the millions too. His followers add up to 7,358,200.
  8. Talk show host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres follows Kutcher with 7,238,476.
  9. Suprisingly Oprah Winfrey barely makes it on the top ten list at number nine. She has 6,959,745 followers.
  10. Singer/actor Selena Gomez is ranked number ten with 6,718,591 followers.

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