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gScreen SpaceBook laptop is a dual-screen beast

So you think cutting-edge dual-screen gadgetry is the domain of mobile videogame systems and ambitious tablet devices? Well, hardware specialist gScreen clearly has other ideas.

Although not exactly the best choice for portability there’s little denying that the gScreen SpaceBook offers up enviable amounts of eye-popping real estate, not least because it boasts two 17.3-inch HD displays (1920x1080).

The SpaceBook 17, which is available in two configurations, may demand a strong shoulder from its prospective buyers (it weighs 10lbs and is two inches thick), but its handy screen-sliding dynamic provides a choice of single or dual-screen interfacing.

In terms of contributing fixtures and fittings, the SpaceBook 17 is available with either a dual-core Intel i5 or quad-core Intel i7 processor, 4GBs or 8GBs of DDR3 RAM (1333MHz), a 500GB hard drive, and NVIDIA’s GeForce GTS 250M (1GB of VRAM).

Other aspects include a Super-Multi DVD drive, Wi-Fi connectivity (802.11b/g/n), a trio of USB 2.0 ports, a six-cell battery, memory card expansion, and support for FireWire, HDMI and Ethernet.

It remains to be seen how much portable operation the SpaceBook 17 is capable of providing when its rechargeable battery is being strained by both screens simultaneously—though we doubt users will get more than a couple of hours.

Although delayed from its original 2010 launch date, pre-orders for the SpaceBook 17 dual-screen computer are now officially open. The Core i5 model costs $2,395 USD, while the Core i7 model pushes that price up to $2,795 USD.

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