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Partial solar eclipse today

A triple eclipse treat is in store for sky gazers with two partial solar and one total lunar eclipse expected to be seen in a month's time, starting today.

The first of the three, a partial solar eclipse, will be seen today. This eclipse, however, will not be visible from India.

It will be visible from high latitudes in the Northern hemisphere, starting at sunrise time over Siberia and Northern China and Alaska. In fact, the eclipse begins at 0055 hrs IST on June 2.

Eclipse chasers in the country should not be a disheartened as they will get to witness a total lunar eclipse on June 15.

The eclipse will be visible from the Indian region, Middle East, East Africa, South America and Australia.

During the lunar eclipse, the moon will be completely covered by Earth's shadow from 11.52 pm on June 15 to 2.32 am on June 16.

The last of the three eclipses will be another partial solar eclipse on July 1.
This eclipse will also not be visible from India. It will be visible from southern latitudes, Antarctica. Its magnitude will be 0.097.

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