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Gmail Takes Personalization to The Next Level

Google, very recently, added a volley of themes in its mail service, Gmail. With the look of the mail pages looking cool with the humongous array of colors and characters, the theme gained instant popularity.

Now, Google hands over the makeover power in your hands! Taking personalization to a new level, Gmail now allows you to make your picture as the theme of your mail account, and have the color co-ordination redone, too.

To begin with, one would have to go to 'mail settings' option made available in the Options tab. Once there, users will have to select the option 'Themes'. Scrolling down that long list, users will find the coveted option of 'creating your own theme'. From there on, users can use their albums in Picasa to create the themes they like, or choose any random picture and use it to customize the main area and the footer of their Gmail pages.

A certain limitation found in this feature was that using one’s photo might not seem such a good idea since that would get sliced as it gets separated in the mail body and footer, probably, a beautiful sunset picture would work best.

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