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Top 5 mobile app development skills in demand

As the tech predictions suggest, mobile app industry is going to be one of high tech's hottest sectors. As per a new study by research firm Gartner, mobile applications downloaded from online stores will be a $58 billion worldwide business by 2014. Driven by the popularity of the iPhone and Android operating system, the demand for skilled app developers is reaching the highest point ever. This trend is likely to follow the fast growth of iPhone projects which saw more than 8,800 jobs completed on Elance in 2009. In addition, Android is rising fast in the ranking of skills in demand, with more than 170 projects posted in early 2010. Analyzing the increasing demand for mobile app developers we have picked up five mobile application skills that are ruling the job market of app developers today.
  1. JAVA
    Application programming for Android-based cell phones is primarily done in Java. Android includes a set of core libraries that provides most of the functionality available in the core libraries of the Java programming language. Having Java as the base language, is one of the key assets of Android as a whole and one of its key success factors. Google will engage engineers to create a range of apps from games to services based on users' location, and for the purpose it is hunting for mobile app developers who are at home with Java.
  2. Objective C
    Apple's iPhone has created a great buzz in the Smartphone industry because of its rich UI and plethora of features. The demand for iPhone app developers is increasing and knowing the new platform and skills is all what developers need to do. Writing objective C program code from scratch, ability to use existing APIs and knowledge of various frameworks needed for development is must thing which iPhone developers should know.
  3. HTML5
    Although there has been no finalized HTML5 standard, but a lot of web browsers, and even mobile web browsers, have now some HTML5 capabilities. And, it will really help in the development cycle for basic applications. HTML5 will take us miles forward and diminish the difference between the desktop and the mobile environment. HTML5 is a critical step for mobile web application development. Some of the key elements that it provides are - offline support, canvas and video, geolocation API and advanced forms.
  4. HB++
    HB++ is considered to be one of the best development environments for Windows mobiles and Palm OS smartphones. HB++ for Palm OS is designed to accelerate the development of robust, enterprise-grade Palm OS applications for today's mobile workforce. With the use of HB++, developing handheld applications and connecting them to the enterprise data becomes fast and easy.
  5. Silverlight
    Microsoft Silverlight is a website application development framework that is indeed these days as it incorporates multimedia, animation and graphics. Although Adobe's incumbent Flash platform remains more popular, it is competing with Flash, java FX and AJAX as well in the world of mobile app development. Apart from providing high quality video, Silverlight application development also gives complete control over rich media content to the content providers.
The list of certainly not exhaustive. Adding to the above five skills, there are some other mobile app development skills as well that the employers are creating demand for. Some of theses skills are - Qt, Adobe Flash Lite, CSS programming, Python and Apple's proprietary Xcode development language. As the sales of mobile devices is growing, so as the demand for specialized talents.

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