Sep 17, 2010

Top 5 Mobile Phones under Rs. 10,000

Nokia E63
Rating: 82 Very Good
Price: Rs. 8,600

The Nokia E63 smartphone offers excellent business features at an affordable price.

The little brother of the Nokia E71, the Nokia E63 lacks a GPS receiver and preinstalled games, and it has a downgraded camera. On the other hand, it possesses the same excellent email and messaging capabilities as other members of the Nokia E-series. And the biggest news here: the E63 sells for less than 10K.

Nokia 5233
Rating: 80 Very Good
Price: Rs. 6,500

The Nokia 5233 proves that just because a phone’s price tag doesn’t cross over into five figures, doesn’t mean it cannot stand on its own. The 5233 might not have all the features under the sun but it’s still a very good phone.

I can’t argue with the Nokia 5233’s price-tag from any perspective. It might not be a powerhouse but it does enough to make it a very to good buy

Nokia 6303 Classic
Rating: 78 Good
Price: Rs. 6,450

Alright, you have a modest budget and desire more than just a lame excuse for a phone? Good news: the new Nokia 6303 Classic is just what the doctor ordered. It is good looking, offers a nice clean interface, and has a decent feature set for the price.

All things considered, the Nokia 6303 Classic is a great entry-level phone if you need to do just a little more than make and receive calls. It covers all the basics very well at a good price

LG Cookie Pep
Rating: 76 Good
Price: Rs. 6,850

The LG Cookie Pep is an affordable touchscreen phone with a usable UI, good looks and good performance.

LG knows exactly what it’s doing with the Cookie Pep.

As expected the Pep has shed a number of features that you would come to expect from more expensive phones. It doesn’t support Wi-Fi or 3G and cannot be used as a GPS device. It has 42MB of internal memory but a microSD card can be used to expand that up to 16GB. A nice addition is the 2GB card that was bundled along with the phone. The Pep has a 3 inch screen that displays a resolution of 240x400 and has an output of 256K colors. It also has a 3.15MP camera but no flash. It uses a microSD port but inexplicably LG have left out the ubiquitous 3.5mm headphones jack.

LG Cookie
Rating: 72 Good
Price: Rs. 5,200

The LG Cookie (also known as the KP 500) is a phone with a noble purpose. It attempts to give users a full-touch interface at an affordable price. It succeeds to an extent by being a light-weight phone with a well-designed interface but also manages to fall short on certain fronts.

At the LG Cookie’s price, a fully touch based device is a good buy. However, the Cookie is hampered by an erratic touch based system and below average imaging capabilities

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