Win 1,00,000 ( One Lac) Gift Point Every 2 Hours | Mana Blog... for all
Jul 14, 2010

  1. Simply Send 10 or more Free SMS and you will be qualified for every 2 hours draw starting from 10 AM to 8 PM (5 Draws a day).
  2. Every 2 hours there will be winner/s based on the total of their mobile numbers for e.g. draw at 12 noon will have winner whose mobile number total is 5. The winning number will be selected randomly by the system and can also be repeated.
  3. Let's say your mobile number is 9967257275 the total of this is 9+9+6+7+2+5+7+2+7+5=59 means 5+9 means 14 means 1+4=5, means you are winner for 12 noon draw.
  4. You can participate again for next draw; however you have to send 10 Free SMS to 10 or more different numbers to be qualified.
  5. We suggest that you should send SMS to more than 10 different numbers as minimum 10 SMS must be delivered. In case of tie, 1.0 lac points will be distributed among winners. The selection of winning number, distribution of gift points etc is done by software and hence no disputes will be entertained. The promotion is only for a Limited Time.
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