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India's first ecological ice skating rink at Prasads Imax

You swore you'd give away your Merc, the day this city froze over. That day might come sooner than you thought.

Sparq Concepts opens India's first ecological, indoor ice skating rink at Prasad's Imax and it's time to see some breaks and falls.

Spanning 2700 sq. ft, the sporting arena is ready to pack in ice skating enthusiasts between 10: 30 am and 10:30 pm.

The synthetic surface, made by Spanish company - Xtraice, feels just like ice, though you don't have to fear frost bite and damp clothes.

Spin, skid, race and twirl on the white ice-like panels to get a feel of winter fun.

If you're hoping to compete with world champions make sure you wear enough padding. Good luck trying to clear the room for your spin with the rental fee being just Rs. 80 for 25 minutes.

The snow has fallen. Now, for falling on snow.