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6 Smart Tips for Using Laptop During Power Failures

Have you lately facing quick power discharges from your laptop? Well, if its getting old, its time to replace batteries. However with few techniques available on internet like this or this, you can prolong the battery life. But do you know what is best for your lappy during power outages?

Here are the 6 smart tips that you can use to get maximum usage during power failures. Its recommended to act on them as soon as you come to know about power-cut so that you can work long enough till the last drop of battery drains out.

6 Things to do during power outages

  1. The very first thing you should do is to reduce brightness. It significantly improves drain time.
    And if you find difficulty on reading at laptop screen with low brightness , try to close all windows or curtains and make room darker to increase screen contrast.
  2. Next, switch off Wi-Fi. Why make laptop search for signals when there is no network around and waste power. If you are using wireless keyboard and mouse, I would recommend to turn them off too and use inbuilt keyboard and trackpad.
  3. Then remove whatever you can for laptop i.e. external hard-disk, CD/DVD from DVD slot, USB mouse or other devices. These USB powered devices consumes much power than you think.
  4. Next, turn off anti-virus software. As you would not be using internet (no power, remember) there is no sense letting anti-virus scan your files in real time and waste processor power.
    Similarly, you could close all other applications that you won’t be needing for the duration.
  5. DO NOT play games if you want your battery to last forever. Heavy graphic usage games like CS/COD/GTA will drain all battery power in 30 minutes max. Light games like chess /solitaire will have little effect.
  6. Now if you choose to work on Microsoft office, don’t forget to turn on autosave feature. Though it takes resource but it also makes sure that you don’t lose anything when battery is completely drains.
And if you choose to watch movie, then watch it in full-screen with optimal sound, not too loud so that you wont loose energy. And the best would be to use earphones which consumes very less power than Laptop speakers.