Nokia Laptop - most awaited... | Mana Blog... for all
Apr 6, 2010


Finally Nokia also launched their small laptop for those people who always mobile and want to get connectivity everywhere. So far Nokia was dominating the world of mobile but as the demand of mobile broadband increasing at fast pace they now launching their mini laptop as well.

Name of this device is Nokia Booklet 3G.

Specification of Nokia Laptop:

  • 12 Hours Battery Usage Life
  • 3G Broadband
  • WiFi
  • A-GPS
  • 10.1 inch screen with high definition resolution
  • 1.25 Kg in weight
  • Thickness 19.9 mm
  • Operating System Supported by Microsoft Windows (can be latest version of windows 7)
  • Ovi Services from Nokia
  • No VPN required to access your email
  • Nokia Music Library will provide millions of songs

So now you can have whole day mobility.