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Two New Samsung Corby Variants in India

Samsung has announced the launch of two new "Corby" branded devices in India. The phones in question are the Corby Plus B3410 and Corby Pro B5310.

The Corby Plus is known simply as the Corby B3410 in other markets. In India, Samsung seems to have decided on the "Corby" brand name for the phone, thanks to its popularity.

The first "Corby" branded phone, the S3650, has seen a decent amount of sales in the country, so far.

The Corby Plus and the Corby Pro, both, boast of slide-out QWERTY keypads and seems to be targeted at the young audience who would like to be in constant touch with their friends through various means. Both the devices come with Facebook, Twitter and MySpace widgets in the TouchWiz sidebar.

On the features front, the slightly higher end Corby Pro boasts of GPS, Wi-Fi, a decent 3.2 megapixel camera and double the amount of memory than in the "original" Corby - 100MB. A 3.5 mm jack too finds its way in. The Corby Pro is priced at Rs. 13,900.

As for the Corby Plus, it's slightly down the price ladder and comes sans GPS and Wi-Fi. The camera too has been scaled down to 'just' a 2 megapixel unit. The 3.5mm jack, however, still remains. The Corby plus will set you back by Rs. 10,500.