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LG GD510 touchscreen 'Pop'

Gotta hand it to LG, it pulled out the big hitting hyperbole with the launch of its otherwise simplistic GD510 touchscreen phone. LG begins with a reminder that it launched "the world's first full touchscreen phone" -- the Prada -- back in January 2007. A claim that Ericsson, Nokia, and others would rightfully dispute. LG then calls the brushed-aluminum GD510, or "Pop," the "most compact 3-inch full touchscreen phone ever made," while boasting of its simplicity. That latter claim is achieved by removing "unnecessary features" that apparently include burdensome WiFi and 3G radios since modern consumers want to browse the internet over GPRS/EDGE. Spec-wise, you get a WQVGA (note the "Q") display, 3 megapixel camera, 8GB of internal memory, and a single home key that glows green to call or red to hang-up / cancel. They've also ditched the S-Class UI in favor of something that's presumably less convoluted. There's even an optional solar-panel battery cover which we hear is the number one requested feature on touchscreen phones... right. It does look pretty though, which is saying a lot for a phone packing a solar panel. Hitting Europe in mid October and the US at the end of October if the Bluetooth SIG entry is to be believed. Video promo after the break.