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Samsung i6500U Saturn is an Android phone “with Google”

Apparently Samsung is multiplying smartphones running Android and the latest model is the GT-i6500U Saturn. There is not too much detail and accurate specifications on the new Samsung i6500U Saturn. The Samsung Saturn has a photo camera on the back and it features Wi-Fi. The GT-i6500U Saturn, which proudly displays its affiliation to Google, with a logo clearly shown at the back of the phone.

The SCH-i889, Showed up alongside the Saturn.It  is ready to be used under CDMA and is a little more well-known: 3.5′ AMOLED 320 x 240 touch display, 3 megapixel camera, Wi-Fi, GPS, and a microSD memory card slot. Another shot of the Windows Mobile i8180 also came in this batch.

And finally, photos of Samsung GT-I8180C, allegedly running a mobile version of Windows: