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JSharp: Product Announcement

January 10, 2007: With the release of the January CTP of Orcas, Microsoft is announcing two important changes to the Visual J# offering.

J# 64-bit Runtime Support Information
To meet customer demand for 64-bit runtime support, we are planning to release an upgrade to the Visual J# redistributable earlier than previously communicated called, Visual J# 2.0 Redistributable Second Edition. This will enable our customers to compile their Visual J# code to run natively on 64-bit versions of Windows and the .NET Framework, including the .NET Framework 2.0, 3.0 and the version that will be released with Visual Studio code-named “Orcas”. Visual J# 2.0 Redistributable Second Edition is targeted for release in the second quarter of 2007, with support continuing through to 2017 (5 years mainstream and 5 years extended support) on EN-US locales.

Retirement of J# language and Java Language Conversion Assistant from future versions of Visual Studio
Since customers have told us that the existing J# feature set largely meets their needs and usage of J# is declining, Microsoft is retiring the Visual J# product and Java Language Conversion Assistant tool to better allocate resources for other customer requirements. The J# language and JLCA tool will not be available in future versions of Visual Studio. To preserve existing customer investments in J#, Microsoft will continue to support the J# and JLCA technology that shipped with Visual Studio 2005 through to 2015 as per our product life-cycle strategy

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