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India Inc, global LPO employment destination: BPO Watch India

In the face of the global economic downturn and the slowdown in hiring, many foreign nationals are looking at employment opportunities in India. Leading LPO firm, Mindcrest Inc., has recently hired its first batch of experienced US lawyers and training expert to keep up with the rapid growth expected in 2009.

Three of these experts have relocated to India. The new hires will help expand existing service lines and help Mindcrest get into new areas of work.

“I expect that more Americans will want opportunities to use their skills abroad, especially given the recent downturn in the US,“ says Rana Rosen who moved from New York to Pune to work as senior manager of training at Mindcrest. “For decades, foreigners have been coming to the US for work. That table may have turned.” She anticipates large growth in the legal services industry, and that contributed to her taking the position.

The Mumbai terror attacks and travel advisories for India not withstanding, Mindcrest expects the trend of foreign nationals moving to India for work to continue. “Terrorism has become a world wide issue, and I don't think it will not be seen as an India-specific issue,” says Rohan Dalal, MD, Mindcrest. “Foreigners are increasing looking for opportunities abroad and India is on the top of the list for its economic growth and use of English,” he adds.

With a current strength of 525 attorneys, Mindcrest is the largest provider of outsourced legal services. Mindcrest is also slated to add a 450 seat center in Mumbai in the first quarter of 2009. “We expect our growth rate to accelerate as companies look to cut costs and increase efficiencies in the current economic climate,” says Ganesh Natarajan, president and CEO of Mindcrest.

According to George Hefferan, vice president sales & general counsel of Mindcrest, there has been a shift in the way law firms and corporations approach the legal process outsourcing industry (LPO) in the last two years. "Before, the question was: 'What is an LPO?' Now, the question is: 'How can we incorporate an LPO into our structure and how do we pick the best vendors?'"

"We have had more visits from US clients who are exploring ways to reduce legal-related costs. Company leaders have seen various functions cut costs and legal departments are now under pressure to follow suit," says Dalal.

Mindcrest has been recognized as a market leader by The Black Book of Outsourcing, International Association of Outsourcing Professionals, Frost and Sullivan. The company has over 525 attorneys based in Chicago, Mumbai, Pune, New York and Washington DC.

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