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Beware of New Obama Malware.............!

Beware of new malware like viruses and Trojans spreading through the internet via mails, instant messaging and other online content.

These new threats tend to appear that they contain some sort of information about the new USA President-Elect Barack Obama, like “Speech by Obama”, “Victory Speech by Obama” and etc.,

Please do not click on any of the links that come along with these kind of mails or other communications. Protect yourself and the Company Resources from getting infected.

The e-mail looks like this:

Be aware of the Phishing links that spread through the mails and IM conversations.

In the above picture the name that is being displayed on the webpage is different to the URL that is present in the Address bar. This is called a Phishing attack, and the content that is delivered from these sites will be very damaging to your personal data and also to the data that belongs to the organization.

Please ensure that you follow the following best practices while accessing the Information resources, from both trusted and non-trusted alike.

  • Do not click on any links that comes through mails and IM, even if it is from trusted sources.
  • If you have to access that link double check for the authenticity of the link, confirm with the other parties whether you are supposed to get that link or not.
  • Double check the link and the Webpage, and if you find no similarities to the content and link and you sense something fishy report the same to the InfoSec Team.
  • Do not connect the USB pen drives and other portable memory storage devices to the laptops/desktops, if there is a business justification, connect the same and scan it thoroughly before using it.
  • Do not double click on the Pen drive/storage devices, if there is a malicious executable inside the device, it will immediately execute itself and infects your machine.
  • Always scan before using them and try to use the explore option in Windows OS to access the content in the memory devices, by doing so the chances of getting your machine infected is reduced to a great extent.