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Zillr is an Indian Social Networking Site

ZillR is just a starter in Indian Social Networking. With ZillR you can get connect with new people and stay connected with them in very secure manners. ZillR have come up with unique feature of profile control. Users can not only control there profile look and feel but the also the look and feel of others profile as well.

With ZillR you can search for people with whom you can share your ideas,experiences,opinions and emotions. You can also develop new relationships of friendship, love, business networking through ZillR.

Searching for a new contacts is matter of your choice. After going through the profile of ZillR member you can have detail information about him or her.

What makes ZillR special is its profile customization feature which is provision for private and limited profiles. It also keeps your profile safe even if you don't know HTML. There is also no scope for spamming and cheap marketing with ZillR. It also does not fall heavy on your Internet Connection.

ZillR is completely your own site, that is designed to serve your social needs. Creating your profile in ZillR is very easy and search engine friendly too. It will just enhance your online presence on the web. Our primary concern is to help you creating healthy social relationships worldwide. We are constantly striving to attain it.