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Angular Interview Questions

Angular Interview Questions
  1. Difference between JavaScript and Angular 2+ ?
  2. Explain string interpolation and property binding in Angular?
  3. What is closure. Explain?
  4. What is view encapsulation in Angular?
  5. What are lifecycle hooks in Angular? Explain?
  6. Syntax for ngOnDestroy. What type of data is cleared in the memory?
  7. What is Lazy loading?
  8. Explain Observables, Subscribe, Async & Await with examples?
  9. What is Switchmap?
  10. How do components communicate(Components which dont have parent child relationship)?
  11. What is NgRx?
  12. What is NgRx Store?
  13. Explain about Dependency Injection?
  14. What is Activated Route?
  15. What are Templates in Angular?
  16. What are Pure & Impure Pipes? 
  17. What is the process to run a angular application?
  18. How do you perform Unit Testing - using Jasmine, Karma?
  19. What is Interceptor?
  20. How do you implement Authentication in Angular? Explain about canActivate?
  21. Explain HttpClient?
  22. What is AOT compilation? What are the advantages of AOT?
  23. What are directives in Angular?
  24. Explain MVVM architecture?
  25. What are decorators in Angular?
  26. What are the various ways of Component communications?

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