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Gaming as a cure to obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

Gaming as a cure to obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

Obsessive compulsive disorder is a chronic and severe mental ailment that is characterized by certain recurrent, intrusive and irrational thoughts (obsessions) that are a cause of great discomfort for the victims. These irrational thoughts force the patient to repeat certain acts (compulsions) that he thinks, would help him to be at ease and get rid of the obsessions.

These thoughts are beyond ones control and usually trigger anxiety (a feeling of apprehension and restlessness) in the patients.

So the point is to stay busy; to keep yourself engaged in some activity so that you can put a barrier in the way of these thoughts that are a cause of discomfort for you.

“The power of these trivial mobile games can’t be underestimated as they can go a long way to help you alleviate your obsessions and compulsion” says Peter Parker from Game Period.

The researches reveal that playing games can help you alleviate these obsessions and compulsions. Though, it won’t be that easy as OCD id a severe mental disorder in which the intensity of thoughts is severe and you are unable to dispose of these thoughts easily, but it still helps. Whenever you feel that these intrusive thoughts are troubling you, turn on the game on your mobile phone or PSP and start playing it. This will divert your attention and you will become obsession free for some time. Thanks to these portable devices that are easy to carry and can be used whenever required.

A few examples of OCD
You are stuck with a thought that you have touched something dirty and your hands and clothes are contaminated just because of that. You keep on washing your hands and can’t stop thinking about it which is a cause of severe mental agony. People around you, like your family members try to convince you that there is nothing like that and you are absolutely free from germs but you still don’t believe them and continue performing compulsions (the ritual customary acts)

You have locked the door before sleeping, but you forget that and go to check it again and again in order to ensure that the door is locked and there is no danger.

I hope these simple examples give you a clear idea of OCD.

Now OCD is primarily due to enhanced functioning in a particular region of the brain. So whenever you feel that the intrusion is at its worse and your OCD is getting weirder, you can start playing a game that will enable you to take your mind off the problem and do something that relaxes you without aggravating your condition. It can help you take your mind of all those unwanted thoughts that have been a cause of distress for quite some time. Even if you are out, you can play a game on your cell phone or any other portable device. These little tactics have proved really beneficial in alleviating mental agony of OCD victims.

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