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FakeOFF seeking Investment in India

FakeOFF seeking Investment in India
“FAKEOFF” Founded by Eliran Shachar, has launched an online crowd-funding (with equity) campaign. FakeOFF developed an app that the company claims is the answer to safety from fake profiles created on Facebook.

FAKEOFF’s goal is to raise $250,000 in the next 30 days. Following a year-long development stage and a successful pilot launch with over 120 thousand users, FakeOFF is set to become the ultimate protector for Facebook users and other social networks. Just like a human anti-virus, the app lets users identify fake Facebook friends who can pose a threat to them and their families. With potential users of 500 million teens, singles and adults at risk, the goal of the company is to solve the main problem of the social networks: cyber fraud.

The startup sees a lot of potential for FakeOFF to become world’s leading social networks protection app from hidden miscreants under the guise of fake identities.

FakeOff uses complex algorithms that are tailored to the way Facebook Profiles, friends search and the way over all site operates. It ensures safety for minors, businessmen, women, celebrities and almost everyone on the who is using facebook. “As cyber world has increasingly diminished the boundaries of the world, there is a growing need to be aware of the cyber crimes and impersonation” feels Eliran Sachar, Founder, FakeOFF.[12117]?a=1&WebLang=EN

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