IPL 8 Match Time Table with Venue Details

IPL 8 Match Time Table with Venue Details
Match No.DateMatchVenuTime (IST)
1Wednesday, April 08, 2015KKR vs MIKolkata8:00 PM
2Thursday, April 09, 2015CSK vs DDChennai8:00 PM
3Friday, April 10, 2015KXIP vs RRPune8:00 PM
4Saturday, April 11, 2015CSK vs SRHChennai4:00 PM
5Saturday, April 11, 2015KKR vs RCBKolkata8:00 PM
6Sunday, April 12, 2015DD vs RRDelhi4:00 PM
7Sunday, April 12, 2015MI vs KXIPMumbai8:00 PM
8Monday, April 13, 2015RCB vs SRHBengaluru8:00 PM
9Tuesday, April 14, 2015RR vs MIAhmedabad4:00 PM
10Tuesday, April 14, 2015KKR vs SRHKolkata8:00 PM
11Wednesday, April 15, 2015KXIP vs DDPune8:00 PM
12Thursday, April 16, 2015SRH vs RRVisakhapatnam8:00 PM
13Friday, April 17, 2015MI vs CSKMumbai8:00 PM
14Saturday, April 18, 2015SRH vs DDVisakhapatnam4:00 PM
15Saturday, April 18, 2015KXIP vs KKRPune8:00 PM
16Sunday, April 19, 2015RR vs CSKAhmedabad4:00 PM
17Sunday, April 19, 2015RCB vs MMBengaluru8:00 PM
18Monday, April 20, 2015DD vs KKRDelhi8:00 PM
19Tuesday, April 21, 2015RR vs KXIPAhmedabad4:00 PM
20Wednesday, April 22, 2015SRH vs KKRVisakhapatnam4:00 PM
21Wednesday, April 22, 2015RCB vs CSKBengaluru8:00 PM
22Thursday, April 23, 2015DD vs MIDelhi8:00 PM
23Friday, April 24, 2015RR vs RCBAhmedabad8:00 PM
24Saturday, April 25, 2015MI vs SRHMumbai4:00 PM
25Saturday, April 25, 2015CSK vs KXIPChennai8:00 PM
26Sunday, April 26, 2015KKR vs RRKolkata4:00 PM
27Sunday, April 26, 2015DD vs RCBDelhi8:00 PM
28Monday, April 27, 2015KXIP vs SRHMohali8:00 PM
29Tuesday, April 28, 2015KKR vs DDKolkata8:00 PM
30Wednesday, April 29, 2015RCB vs RRBengaluru8:00 PM
31Thursday, April 30, 2015CSK vs KKRChennai8:00 PM
32Friday, May 01, 2015DD vs KXIP Delhi4:00 PM
33Friday, May 01, 2015MI vs RRMumbai8:00 PM
34Saturday, May 02, 2015RCB vs KKRBengaluru4:00 PM
35Saturday, May 02, 2015SRH vs CSKHyderabad8:00 PM
36Sunday, May 03, 2015KXIP vs MIMohali4:00 PM
37Sunday, May 03, 2015RR vs DDTBD8:00 PM
38Monday, May 04, 2015CSK vs RCBChennai4:00 PM
39Monday, May 04, 2015KKR vs SRHKolkata8:00 PM
40Tuesday, May 05, 2015MI vs DDMumbai8:00 PM
41Wednesday, May 06, 2015RCB vs KXIPBengaluru8:00 PM
42Thursday, May 07, 2015RR vs SRHTBD8:00 PM
43Friday, May 08, 2015CSK vs MIChennai8:00 PM
44Saturday, May 09, 2015KKR vs KXIPKolkata4:00 PM
45Saturday, May 09, 2015DD vs SRHRaipur8:00 PM
46Sunday, May 10, 2015MI vs RCBMumbai4:00 PM
47Sunday, May 10, 2015CSK vs RRChennai8:00 PM
48Monday, May 11, 2015SRH vs KXIPHyderabad8:00 PM
49Tuesday, May 12, 2015DD vs CSKRaipur8:00 PM
50Wednesday, May 13, 2015KXIP vs RCBMohali8:00 PM
51Thursday, May 14, 2015MI vs KKRMumbai8:00 PM
52Friday, May 15, 2015SRH vs RCBHyderabad8:00 PM
53Saturday, May 16, 2015KXIP vs CSKMohali4:00 PM
54Saturday, May 16, 2015RR vs KKRTBD8:00 PM
55Sunday, May 17, 2015RCB vs DDBengaluru4:00 PM
56Sunday, May 17, 2015SRH vs MIHyderabad8:00 PM
Quaifier 1Tuesday, May 19, 2015TBD vs TBD TBD 8:00 PM
EliminatorWednesday, May 20, 2015TBD vs TBD TBD 8:00 PM
Qualifier 2Friday, May 22, 2015TBD vs TBD TBD 8:00 PM
FinalSunday, May 24, 2015TBD vs TBD TBD 8:00 PM
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