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Koneru Humpy Marrige Pics

Wedding bells are ringing at World-rank Chess player Koneru Humpy's residence in Vijayawada. 27-year-old World No. 3 woman chess player Humpy has hitched to Dasari Anvesh, son of Industrialist Dasari Ramakrishna, CEO of Efftronics Private Limited, on May 22 at a low-profile family affair.
Humpy, who is an Arjun awardee, will tie the knot with Anvesh on August 12 at 'A' Convention Hall in the city. Meanwhile, the soon-to-be bride Humpy is busy preparing for FIDE Grand Prix to be held at Georgia from June 16. while Georgia match is the third of four compulsory Grand Prix fixtures Humpy have to be play to qualify for the world title, Humpy is going to play the fourth at Mongolia on August 24, very soon after her marriage. Looks like, the Chess Queen has found

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