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CLYPPI - Prestige Nail Clipper - Coupon Deal 65% off

NAIL_CLIPPER_NEW_v001-2We are branding the CLYPPI as “An Ultra Cool Precision Tool”. A prestige personal grooming tool.

Primary Benefit to the Customer: Helps achieve the sharp, clean, well groomed look people find so impressive and attractive in today's world
Features (backed up by testimonials):
  • A high quality stainless steel manicure tool - solid and built to last and to look good indefinitely
  • Superb mechanical performance – sharp blades cut fingernails cleanly and precisely so that they are not cracked, split or torn
  • Ergonomically designed to suit the shape of the hand so that it feels comfortable to hold and is super easy to use
  • Has a matt, brushed steel finish which looks classier than the usual shiny chrome plating and ensures that the nail clipper will not slip out of your hands, even when wet
  • A handy nail file is integrated into the lever
Coupon Code: SOCLSPRK

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