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Latest Gadgets - Memoto Camera

Memoto Camera - Latest Gadgets
The Memoto is a tiny wearable, GPS-enabled camera that you clip on and wear. Unlike other digital shooters, this piece of engineering, automatically takes two snapshots per minute and tags them with GPS data. Later, when you connect it to your laptop to recharge via USB — the gizmo has a battery life of two days — it automatically uploads your picture to Memoto's servers.

The app on your iPhone and Android device then organizes the photos on a timeline, complete with information on when you took it and where you were, to work as 'photographic memory' even after many years. And you can even search for specific instances.

Of course, like any social network, you can choose to share specific pictures with friends. Nice? Yes, if you're wearing it yourself. But it can prove to be a contentious device for privacy advocates.

Still, if Aamir Khan had this in Ghajini, he wouldn't have to roam around with a clunky Polaroid camera. Besides, its looks like something we'd like to have.

Ships Aug/Sept 2013 at $279 (Rs 16,500).

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