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Jul 13, 2013

The Budget iPhone

The Budget iPhone
Plastic scraps of brightly-colored plastic buttons from a Chinese factory floor corroborate rumors of the look of the purported “Budget iPhone.” Designer Martin Hajek, famous for beautifully detailed renderings of mythological Apple AAPL -0.23% products has produced the representations above. It is notable that the candy colors of iOS 7, which seem a bit jarring and discordant in the context of the precision engineered iPhone 5, might make more aesthetic sense on a phone such as this.

And despite Jony Ive’s history of chromatic restraint, the budget iPhone concept, based on months worth of leaks and speculations, is not his first foray into unalloyed bright colors. Ive was in fact the mastermind of the original iMac G3, that came in five colors of (what even seemed at the time to be) dubious sophistication. The “i” in the name stood for the internet and the new Macs were billed as “The most colorful way to the internet” in 1998. The design was charming, perhaps, in the way that the VW Bug has been, but its bulbous bright colors did not become hallmarks of Apple’s future products.