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5 ways to get free eBooks in minutes

People who know little about eBooks or do not read eBooks much may find it inconvenient to find good free eBooks online. Although many large-scale eBook stores release free eBooks every day, the free offered eBooks are mostly classics and readers normally have to spend quite a long time deciding what books to read from considerable selections. Here are 5 ways to help you to find out the most popular free eBooks in a short time.

1. Gutenberg Project - 5 ways to get free eBooks in minutes
1. Gutenberg Project
Gutenberg is the first place for free eBooks out of copyright (classics). Readers don't have to worry about piracy or illegal download if books are downloaded there. Overall, there are more than 40,000 items free offered by Gutenberg Project with multi formats supported (EPUB, Kindle MOBI, PDF, etc.). Readers don't have to register when downloading books from Gutenberg. What's more, Gutenberg allows readers to download books via Google Drive and Dropbox.

2. Free Kindle eBook download sites - 5 ways to get free eBooks in minutes
2. Free Kindle eBook download sites
When talking about free eBooks, many people will refer to free Kindle books. Correct. If you want to read something modern but don't want to download any piracy stuff, Amazon Kindle eBook store will be the optimal place.

Among thousands of free eBooks released by Amazon Kindle, the real trouble is how to locate the valuable freebies (to your taste) in a short time. By subscribing to several reliable free Kindle eBook download sites, you are able to know about the most popular free Kindle books without going to the Amazon site specially. These sites recommend top free Kindle books via email with book ratings and user reviews included, which enables users to make a decision very fast. and Bookbub are two sites I am using. Refer to this list for more free Kindle book download sites.

3. Popular social network communities. - 5 ways to get free eBooks in minutes
3. Popular social network communities.
Facebook, Tweeter and Google Plus are three most popular social networks at present. Together with traditional pages, there are also many communities about eBooks and free eBooks. If you want to find daily free eBooks and share eBook experiences with your followers, these communities will be good places.

It might cost you some time to figure out what communities are indeed suitable the first time you use. Actually, some communities are hot yet not efficient enough for getting good eBooks. Keep a close visit, interact with followers there and decide which ones are helpful in your case.

4. Google Alerts - 5 ways to get free eBooks in minutes
4. Google Alerts
Google Alerts is a widely used free service provided by Google, empowering users to receive the latest Google results (web, news, etc.) based on the specified queries. Thereby we can use Google Alerts to keep an eye on the latest information about free eBooks.

You need to have a Google Gmail account before using this service. Go to Google Alerts page, input your query, there will be an instant preview window on the right-hand side. Utilize the preview window to set an accurate query.

5. Other social platforms - 5 ways to get free eBooks in minutes
5. Other social platforms
Apart from given options, there are other social platforms that readers also contribute to, such as eBook lending platforms (e.g. and mainstream bookmark sites (e.g. Reddit). These collections may not help as much as the above ways, but you are likely to get more ideas about eBooks from diversified sources.

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