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Which eReader tablet will you choose?

Avid eBook readers always enjoy reading on the go and hope to use dedicated reader devices. However, people may find it difficult to decide between eReaders and tablets. Tablets can be used to listen to music, watch videos, play games, take notes as well as read eBooks. Black-and-white E-ink readers are only designed for reading, but are better for eyes with better reading experience.

Fortunately, primary eBook providers have delivered tablets in succession, such as Amazon Kindle Fire HD, Barnes & Noble Nook HD and Kobo Arc. Thus, people will benefit from tablets without losing access to the digital content from according providers. Then the next peoblem is, "Should I buy Kindle Fire HD or Nook HD"?

My answer is, "Neither". Actually, those who know about (Android) tablets will prefer Nexus 7 or Samsung Note to Kindle Fire HD or Nook HD, since apps like Kindle for Android / iOS or Nook for Android / iOS already enable people to read books from Kindle, Nook or other stores on general tablets. What's more, both Kindle Fire HD and Nook HD are based on customized Android OS, which restricts users to Amazon or Barnes & Noble app store and keeps them away from open Android Google Play. People even can't directly install apps like Yahoo or YouTube on the devices. In this case, some are forced to root their tablets and turn them into pure Android.

Regardless of this fact, many readers will choose Kindle Fire HD instead of Nook HD or other tablets because of Amazon's more complete eco-system. Naturally, a preference for Amazon will work in this way. Amazon might not earn much from the Kindle devices, but it is bound to earn a lot more from its digital content, which is exactly what it wants.

When it comes to Barnes & Noble and its Nook models, things become terrible. Although sales of eBook titles are steadily increasing, poor devices sales get the company into trouble. Fortunately, B & N made a great change recently by adding Google Play to its Nook HD tablets, which means people will be able to read Kindle, Kobo and other books on Nook HD with according apps installed. But Google Play will not be added to Nook Color, Nook tablet, E-ink Nook Simple Touch or Glo Light models unless they are rooted. Refer to this tutorial if you want to read Kindle books on Nook.

Since Nook HD is now a tablet without much restriction, it is indeed an awesome gadget coming with a display even better than the hottest Google Nexus 7. In addition, users will not only have access to Google Play apps but also to the exclusive stuff provided by Barnes & Noble. Compared to the insulation of Amazon Kindle, Nook HD can be purchased in most stores such as Walmart with more promotion given.

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